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OPN Special Issue; October 2003 - Guest Editors:C. Roychoudhuri and R. Roy SPIE Proc. Vol.5866
SPIE Proc. Vol.6664
W-EPR Workshop
Organizer Roychoudhuri
CRC: What is a Photon?
Editors:C. Roychoudhuri, K. Creath & A. Kracklauer
SPIE Proc. Vol.7421
SPIE Proc. Vol.8121
SPIE Conf.
Speaker: Roychoudhuri
SPIE Proc. Vol.8832 CRC: Causal Physics
Author: C. Roychoudhuri

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The idea behind "The Nature of Light" Conference and this Website:

Our biennial conference series has been launched in 2005 to establish a platform where logically self-consistent discussions are encouraged that challenge the foundational hypotheses behind the current successful theories in such a way that our understanding of the interaction processes in nature are enhanced while resolving the existing contradictions and paradoxes.

Has the foundations for the edifice of physics been already laid down? We are, of course, looking for non-believers from across the globe! All of you are very much welcomed to participate in this series of conferences to promote and strengthen this platform and, in the process, assure that our scientific epistemology keeps on evolving perpetually, instead of becoming just another human religion!

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New Book:

Causal Physics:
Photons by Non- Interaction of Waves

(CRC Press, 2014)
Author: Chandra Roychoudhuri